Moncure Megasite: Unparalleled Access. Unmatched Opportunity.

The owners of the Moncure Megasite believe this to be the premier megasite in the United States. And while some might want to argue this point, or just think they're being “proud parents,” consider the following facts.

  • The entire 2,500 acre site is controlled by one owner
  • The Moncure Megasite is located less than 30 minutes from one of the nation’s fastest growing metro areas (Raleigh-Cary MSA)
  • The transportation infrastructure is incredible. Not only is there existing rail access, but there is a known and straightforward solution to create dual rail access from two class one providers (CSX and Norfolk Southern)
  • All utilities are in place or under construction (sewer is being extended by the City of Sanford)
  • The existing labor force within a 60-mile radius of the property exceeds 1.7 million people
  • Significant due diligence has been performed on the site, proving it to be shovel-ready
  • Current master plans show room for 8 million square feet of manufacturing and support space, plus plenty of space for expansion

When you combine all of these factors (and many more), it’s clear why we believe the Moncure Megasite offers unparalleled access and unmatched opportunity.

Jeff Denny